Friday, February 19, 2016

Healthy Eating Tips: Pinterest Tips Board Divulged

Hi. How are you this week?     

My name is Jan Ashby -  I have several great blogs on healthy eating { for one}and on cooking too..

Such as  and  Bestkidscookingclasses .  

But today I want to tell you about one really insightful (and well written) board I created at pinterest - it's about healthier eating and has many TIPS from other ladies at Pinterest who have their own health or recipe blogs.

I have made sure all the LINKS work - so it's a good resource, and you won't waste your time with links that don't work  [which frankly, there are too many bloggers who are "part time" and don't know what they're doing].



One of the latest PINS is "31 Family Recipes You can Eat on the Whole 30" - you may see that if you click this link. <==

If you go there, you'll find chicken salad recipes, tilapia (fish recipes), chicken veggie soup, beef stew,

Pineapple Chili, and slow-cooker recipes.


 Chicken Salad recipe

Good luck on your health journey - here's to a better family life !

Jan Ashby