Saturday, June 30, 2018

Minot ND Restaurants PART 2: Restaurants and Bars Revealed - YouTube

Grizzly's Grill has Full Service Bar. Titanic Tuesdays with Long Island Ice Tea and Thirsty Thursday, Primo Grand with Award winning chef; Chinese & Sushi Restaurants; Restaurants open 24 Hours a day, with brunch. Grizzlys Grill with rotisserie chicken & meats "wood-smoked" over the fire; drink specials. Listing of Restaurants in Minot ND that offer THAI, ITALIAN, American Food +Sushi. Ruby Tuesdays and Blue Elephant featured.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ways To Brand Yourself: Lay Out a Cohesive Plan

 WAYS To Brand Yourself Online

Will your brand be funny, mad, cheerful, inspiring, ludicrous, sarcastic?  Use online tools to help you determine this. There are many helpful branding videos on YT too.

Document everything you decide. Start with a Vision Board to figure out the design of your blog, the Layout (including your sidebar, your Header, your Font, your colors).

Blog Branding:  Be Authentic, Be Real 

Also come up with a Good Tagline for your blog. One that resonates with the persona you've chosen for yourself and your blog - if you're funny, then create a tagline that has a bit of whimsy, or humor.

If you're acidic or sarcastic, reflect that ! Whatever is true to you, be.

The MAIN thing is to be AUTHENTIC. When it comes to Blog writing, it is always good to include a story about yourself (and/or yr family) - it helps the reader connect with you.

And it's the same if You decide to do video - simply be yourself. But also be entertaining - keep the video short, unless it's an instructional or "how to" video  (or a Video Review of a product).

Then you won't lose your reader.

IDEA:  Use video for a brief message, then send them on to your blog for the full story.

Podcasting in Today's World: Don't Enter Blindly

If you plan to do a Podcast with your blog, you want to use the same language, basically, that you create with the written word.

Everything should be co-ordinated and have the same branding.  Put some thought into what your series is going to be about, also - for you don't want to have one podcast with some random thoughts on it.

Here are Some Great 'Ways To Brand Yourself' videos I found on Youtube - I watched, and personally vet these particular videos.

  1. Personal Branding (Andrew Akinyede):
  2. How to Brand Yourself or Your Business and Standout in Your Market | Dan Martell 

    MORE videos on Ways To Brand Yourself:


Friday, February 19, 2016

Healthy Eating Tips: Pinterest Tips Board Divulged

Hi. How are you this week?     

My name is Jan Ashby -  I have several great blogs on healthy eating { for one}and on cooking too..

Such as  and  Bestkidscookingclasses .  

But today I want to tell you about one really insightful (and well written) board I created at pinterest - it's about healthier eating and has many TIPS from other ladies at Pinterest who have their own health or recipe blogs.

I have made sure all the LINKS work - so it's a good resource, and you won't waste your time with links that don't work  [which frankly, there are too many bloggers who are "part time" and don't know what they're doing].



One of the latest PINS is "31 Family Recipes You can Eat on the Whole 30" - you may see that if you click this link. <==

If you go there, you'll find chicken salad recipes, tilapia (fish recipes), chicken veggie soup, beef stew,

Pineapple Chili, and slow-cooker recipes.


 Chicken Salad recipe

Good luck on your health journey - here's to a better family life !

Jan Ashby


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Steakhouse in Minot ND: Kid-Friendly Menus and Steak with Mushrooms Stand Out

 Minot ND  Restaurants: Kids Menu and Lunch Specials

        By Jan Ashby  

When it comes to USDA prime aged beef, Montana Mike's has some really good meat !  I have visited the Minot ND restaurant location and although it can be noisy at times, I like this place.

Well, my favorite of the "sirloin steaks choices" is the Steak with mushrooms.  I've always been partial to mushrooms - don't you just love 'em on pizzas, too?


If you're a mom in the northwestern North Dakota area, and you're looking for a kid-friendly restaurant, you could do worse.  They have a menu with 7 meals designed for children; there is the old standby - Macaroni and Cheese, and they of course have a steak offering.  Sirloin steak tips, for $5.49.

Their cheeseburger meal is a fan favorite - the kiddies love the taste, and moms like the fact that the burger meat is FRESH.

There's also chicken strips (child sized portion),


FOOD SPECIALS at Montana Mike's include lunch specials such as Steak with Mushrooms (the "Mountain Topper"), Mike's Angus Kabobs, Center Cut Angus Sirloin Steak (8 oz or 6 oz available), Chopped Sirloin or Flame-grilled Chicken breast smothered with bacon and sauteed mushrooms, Fried Catfish, Chicken-Fried Sirloin steak, Fried Shrimp, Pork Chop, Chicken Tenders.

The fried shrimp, I believe, comes with the cocktail sauce - yes, i remember now - it does.  There are delicious ribeyes at Montana Mike's restaurant - but you probably have to order it for supper.

 RELATED:  Minot Restaurant Review Site

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Minot Restaurants: Olive Garden Specials are Such Fun to Re-create..

Minot Restaurants News and Reviews

    By Jan Ashby   

Good day, everybody.  Hope everyone had a good Mothers Day.

I want to share some of my enthusiasm for the Olive Garden, and Italian cooking.  I have posted some very healthy Italian recipes at my main blog - so if you enjoy "lower-sodium" style soup recipes, visit Cooking Info Just for U.

Alternately, if you LIKE VIDEO.. Check out my "Healthy Eating Video blog" featuring videos on Healthy fruit smoothies (both Green smoothies & fruit/vegetable style smoothie drinks), fit tea, portion control, weight tips, Healthy Breakfast & Lunch ideas - SUBSCRIBE TODAY:

Subscribe to Healthy Eating Videos and Tips

Now when it comes to Olive Garden, I like sharing both the healthier italian recipes and the decadent ones.. you'll see that I like to share special desserts, as I do on my new Facebook page all about Olive Garden specials.

At that page, you'll find videos - such as this 18 minute, Step by step video on how to re-create Olive Garden's "Black Tie Mousse Cake".  Wow, is it delish!  


You can start 1:40 seconds into the video, to cut the time a bit. It is so good, & so similar to the O.G. version. At my FB page, there's a link to a sumptuous copycat recipe called "Lemon Cream Cake". It is by - here's the hyperlink:  


My Facebook Page Content

Other videos are on things like how to re-create Olive Garden's Lasagna Fritta and Olive Garden's White Choc. Raspberry Cheesecake

As shown here - 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ways to Improve Your Blog: Increase Visitor Activity and Engagement

Your Blog Considerations: On-Site Optimizations

   By Jan Ashby    

Just a brief post today to encourage beginning bloggers, who are a bit new to Wordpress, to take some more steps with their blog(s).  Steps that will be effective, in attracting visitors to comment and interact with their blog..

and that will LIFT the blog to higher ranks in the search engines.  See final paragraph of this post for elaboration as to this.

Okay, what I want to do is just give you a brief synopsis of what I mean:

  1. Tips for visitor engagement at yr blog
  2. Tips on writing yr blog (sarcasm, use of humor)
  3. Tips for  keeping yr blog "spam free"
  4. Using “WordPress Social Stream” for a lively discussion
  5. Use of other W-press Plugins to enhance discussion
  6. How related keywords can improve yr blog's overall rank
Here is a listing of other plugins I cover:


Facebook Comments for Wpress

Intense Debate

CommentLuv Premium
Also touched on:  use of Split Testing Techniques, and ways 'related keyword' usage can be beneficial to your wordpress blog.

Hope you find this useful.  To READ the full discussion visit my wordpress blog .   My blog is called How to Build Business, & if you need the RSS feed it's here

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Trend in Off Shore Oil Rig Jobs - Find Out More

The Oil Rig Job Outlook: Vital Points to Know

If you serve on a rig, you should be in great physical shape. The hours are long, and it is challenging work. It is not like a run-of-the-mill job, in which you conclude your work responsibilities by 5 pm and go ahead home.

Oil Rig Entry level jobs

Most oil rig laborers have twelve hour stints and stay on site; these guys do not go home. Assuming that you are in good shape and would enjoy earning decent moolah, then this situation could be a decent fit for you.

If you are energetic and plan to be successful with the job, you'll be rewarded. There are nice amenities, as well (in most locations).

You will receive decent job training too-- which should make you a valued staff member, and benefit you to advance up the ladder. The truth is, these skill sets are in VERY HIGH demand-- and business in the oil fields is not likely to dissipate any time in the near future.
In fact even in Texas -- where some pundits had predicted the oil output would be reduced -- the demand simply manages to keep on flourishing! Sure enough, stats indicate that BOTH oil & natural gas are increasing year over year (i.e., 2012 vs 2013).

Oil Rig Entry Level Jobs: Is it Worth it?

Ponder the negatives against the upside - get out your pad (or tablet), create 2 columns, and put down all the excellent aspects along with unfavorable aspects (for instance, being away from loved ones). Next make your judgment.

If being able to send your kids to university is an incentive, then you might choose to travel to the rigs.

Off Shore Oil Rig Jobs: An Opportunity?

Even if by some queer coincidence the oil rig jobs on land dry up, you may think about off shore oil rig jobs-- those which mine oil in Argentina, the North Sea, or a place far below the surface of the ocean.

To see more info on this subject, visit the link at the end of this page.

Excellent Living Facilities and Reimbursements

Also, your food and laundry gets covered, so you won't have to worry about that-- plus travel expenses get reimbursed. And it's nice you won't have to shell out any dough for gas either.

This is an industry which truly cannot experience a negative year for a pretty long time-- and tours of duty on offshore oil rigs frequently feature activities such as movies, superb living facilities, saunas, a weight room, online access, & rec rooms.

So if you feel you could be interested in being a roustabout, an engineer, or even a cook for the oil rig workers - you may want to visit - which includes extra information about offshore living quarters and what to EXPECT in terms of oil rig jobs and salaries AND on entry level oil rig jobs (rig welder, steward, or floorhand).