Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Trend in Off Shore Oil Rig Jobs - Find Out More

The Oil Rig Job Outlook: Vital Points to Know

If you serve on a rig, you should be in great physical shape. The hours are long, and it is challenging work. It is not like a run-of-the-mill job, in which you conclude your work responsibilities by 5 pm and go ahead home.

Oil Rig Entry level jobs

Most oil rig laborers have twelve hour stints and stay on site; these guys do not go home. Assuming that you are in good shape and would enjoy earning decent moolah, then this situation could be a decent fit for you.

If you are energetic and plan to be successful with the job, you'll be rewarded. There are nice amenities, as well (in most locations).

You will receive decent job training too-- which should make you a valued staff member, and benefit you to advance up the ladder. The truth is, these skill sets are in VERY HIGH demand-- and business in the oil fields is not likely to dissipate any time in the near future.
In fact even in Texas -- where some pundits had predicted the oil output would be reduced -- the demand simply manages to keep on flourishing! Sure enough, stats indicate that BOTH oil & natural gas are increasing year over year (i.e., 2012 vs 2013).

Oil Rig Entry Level Jobs: Is it Worth it?

Ponder the negatives against the upside - get out your pad (or tablet), create 2 columns, and put down all the excellent aspects along with unfavorable aspects (for instance, being away from loved ones). Next make your judgment.

If being able to send your kids to university is an incentive, then you might choose to travel to the rigs.

Off Shore Oil Rig Jobs: An Opportunity?

Even if by some queer coincidence the oil rig jobs on land dry up, you may think about off shore oil rig jobs-- those which mine oil in Argentina, the North Sea, or a place far below the surface of the ocean.

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Excellent Living Facilities and Reimbursements

Also, your food and laundry gets covered, so you won't have to worry about that-- plus travel expenses get reimbursed. And it's nice you won't have to shell out any dough for gas either.

This is an industry which truly cannot experience a negative year for a pretty long time-- and tours of duty on offshore oil rigs frequently feature activities such as movies, superb living facilities, saunas, a weight room, online access, & rec rooms.

So if you feel you could be interested in being a roustabout, an engineer, or even a cook for the oil rig workers - you may want to visit - which includes extra information about offshore living quarters and what to EXPECT in terms of oil rig jobs and salaries AND on entry level oil rig jobs (rig welder, steward, or floorhand).