Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ways to Improve Your Blog: Increase Visitor Activity and Engagement

Your Blog Considerations: On-Site Optimizations

   By Jan Ashby    

Just a brief post today to encourage beginning bloggers, who are a bit new to Wordpress, to take some more steps with their blog(s).  Steps that will be effective, in attracting visitors to comment and interact with their blog..

and that will LIFT the blog to higher ranks in the search engines.  See final paragraph of this post for elaboration as to this.

Okay, what I want to do is just give you a brief synopsis of what I mean:

  1. Tips for visitor engagement at yr blog
  2. Tips on writing yr blog (sarcasm, use of humor)
  3. Tips for  keeping yr blog "spam free"
  4. Using “WordPress Social Stream” for a lively discussion
  5. Use of other W-press Plugins to enhance discussion
  6. How related keywords can improve yr blog's overall rank
Here is a listing of other plugins I cover:


Facebook Comments for Wpress

Intense Debate

CommentLuv Premium
Also touched on:  use of Split Testing Techniques, and ways 'related keyword' usage can be beneficial to your wordpress blog.

Hope you find this useful.  To READ the full discussion visit my wordpress blog .   My blog is called How to Build Business, & if you need the RSS feed it's here