Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ways To Brand Yourself: Lay Out a Cohesive Plan

 WAYS To Brand Yourself Online

Will your brand be funny, mad, cheerful, inspiring, ludicrous, sarcastic?  Use online tools to help you determine this. There are many helpful branding videos on YT too.

Document everything you decide. Start with a Vision Board to figure out the design of your blog, the Layout (including your sidebar, your Header, your Font, your colors).

Blog Branding:  Be Authentic, Be Real 

Also come up with a Good Tagline for your blog. One that resonates with the persona you've chosen for yourself and your blog - if you're funny, then create a tagline that has a bit of whimsy, or humor.

If you're acidic or sarcastic, reflect that ! Whatever is true to you, be.

The MAIN thing is to be AUTHENTIC. When it comes to Blog writing, it is always good to include a story about yourself (and/or yr family) - it helps the reader connect with you.

And it's the same if You decide to do video - simply be yourself. But also be entertaining - keep the video short, unless it's an instructional or "how to" video  (or a Video Review of a product).

Then you won't lose your reader.

IDEA:  Use video for a brief message, then send them on to your blog for the full story.

Podcasting in Today's World: Don't Enter Blindly

If you plan to do a Podcast with your blog, you want to use the same language, basically, that you create with the written word.

Everything should be co-ordinated and have the same branding.  Put some thought into what your series is going to be about, also - for you don't want to have one podcast with some random thoughts on it.

Here are Some Great 'Ways To Brand Yourself' videos I found on Youtube - I watched, and personally vet these particular videos.

  1. Personal Branding (Andrew Akinyede):
  2. How to Brand Yourself or Your Business and Standout in Your Market | Dan Martell 

    MORE videos on Ways To Brand Yourself: