Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Steakhouse in Minot ND: Kid-Friendly Menus and Steak with Mushrooms Stand Out

 Minot ND  Restaurants: Kids Menu and Lunch Specials

        By Jan Ashby  

When it comes to USDA prime aged beef, Montana Mike's has some really good meat !  I have visited the Minot ND restaurant location and although it can be noisy at times, I like this place.

Well, my favorite of the "sirloin steaks choices" is the Steak with mushrooms.  I've always been partial to mushrooms - don't you just love 'em on pizzas, too?


If you're a mom in the northwestern North Dakota area, and you're looking for a kid-friendly restaurant, you could do worse.  They have a menu with 7 meals designed for children; there is the old standby - Macaroni and Cheese, and they of course have a steak offering.  Sirloin steak tips, for $5.49.

Their cheeseburger meal is a fan favorite - the kiddies love the taste, and moms like the fact that the burger meat is FRESH.

There's also chicken strips (child sized portion),


FOOD SPECIALS at Montana Mike's include lunch specials such as Steak with Mushrooms (the "Mountain Topper"), Mike's Angus Kabobs, Center Cut Angus Sirloin Steak (8 oz or 6 oz available), Chopped Sirloin or Flame-grilled Chicken breast smothered with bacon and sauteed mushrooms, Fried Catfish, Chicken-Fried Sirloin steak, Fried Shrimp, Pork Chop, Chicken Tenders.

The fried shrimp, I believe, comes with the cocktail sauce - yes, i remember now - it does.  There are delicious ribeyes at Montana Mike's restaurant - but you probably have to order it for supper.

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